Hi, I am Arsh

Pythonist  •  AI Enthusiast  •  Space Geek


Working on side projects is one of my favorite thing to do, and I always have some cool and weird projects going on. Here are some of the past projects I have worked on:

> Async Crawler

A crawler that uses python coroutines to implement cooperative multitasking, requesting webpages and writing to MongoDB asynchronously.

> Twitter Analysis

Analysis of 5 police accounts of major Indian cities for their engagement, frequency, top hashtags and sentiments.

> TicTacToe Bot

Wrote a bot to play TicTacToe with the user using minimax algorithm, optimized with alpha-beta pruning.

About Me

I am inquisitive by nature and have a love of all things complex. When I am not trying to solve problems through writing code, I love creating visual stories with data. For the past 5 years, I has been working with Python and like tinkering with low level architecture, or complex systems. Minimal design aesthetics are my jam. I also help organize the Delhi chapter of PyData, and enjoy interacting with the local python community.

You can get in touch with me through twitter at @oddanomaly , or shoot me a mail at hi@prdx.me.

Apart from programming, I have an avid interest in Photography. You can find my pictures at @oddanomaly on instagram . I also sometimes dabble wtih music, the kinda cool parts of which can be found on my soundcloud (stuff coming soon :P)