Hi, I am Arsh. Welcome to my corner on the internet!


I sometimes write articles that try to use visualizations to explain random concepts in depth. Here are some recent articles:

> Concurrency and Parallelism 03/2018

An attempt to visually explain the difference between concurrency and parallelism


Working on side projects is one of my favorite thing to do, and I always have some going on. Here are some of my recent projects:

> Acrylic 2020

Acrylic is a simple and intuitive library to work with colors and palettes in python

> Parser Combinators 2018

A proof-of-concept parser combinator library built from scratch in python, along with parsers built using it for parsing algebraic expressions and JSON

> CTF Tournament Server 2018

A Capture-the-flag style tournament server containing challenges for people to solve

Older Projects I have worked on:

> Twitter Analysis 2017

Analysis of 5 police accounts of major Indian cities for their engagement, frequency, top hashtags and sentiments.

> TicTacToe Bot 2017

A bot to play TicTacToe with the user using minimax algorithm, optimized with alpha-beta pruning.

> Async Crawler 2016

A crawler that uses python coroutines to implement cooperative multitasking, requesting webpages and writing to MongoDB asynchronously.